Keep Alameda County Waterways Clean!

Contaminants used in yards and debris discarded into streets are carried by rain and water runoff into storm drains, which in turn drain to San Francisco Bay. Pollutants—such as motor oil, garden and lawn fertilizers and pesticides, lightbulbs (containing mercury), plastic, and animal waste—end up in the bay, where they are affecting fish and other aquatic creatures. Unlike sanitary sewage, stormwater flows are untreated as they travel through creeks and channels. When these waters discharge into the bay, they carry the residue of the pollutants we use in our everyday lives.

The District, in partnership with 76 other regional agencies, is working to improve and protect water quality in Bay Area creeks through the Clean Water Program.

Please do your part to keep pollutants out of creeks, channels, and San Francisco Bay! See other volunteer activities.


The more trash, debris, and chemicals we can keep out of our creeks and waste dumps, the cleaner our creeks will be. Learn more about what you can recycle and where to take your used motor oil, paints, pesticides, cleaning products, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, leftover or expired medicines, and more.


Adopt a portion of a local creek or another spot in your community to maintain. Or join an existing group to help collect trash, pull weeds, plant new trees, and more.

Cleanup Day Events

Here is your opportunity to spend a beautiful day outdoors helping to keep our shores and creeks clean. Every year, volunteers collect tons of garbage from California’s waterways.

The “Drains to Bay” signs on storm drains remind all of us not to pollute.