4.2_environmental-restorationThe natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area is one of its greatest attractions. The fragile environment we treasure is of great importance to the District. In additionto providing flood control management, the District acts as an environmental steward by proactively engaging in projects that protect and improve our surroundings.The standard engineering practice 40 or 50 years ago (when most of the District’s flood control infrastructure was originally built) was to use concrete-lined channels or culverts to route floodwaters away from neighborhoods. Now, the District realizes that creeks restored to their natural condition provide improved flood protection to the area, minimize creek bank erosion, improve water quality, and provide wildlife habitat.Wherever feasible, in conjunction with other flood control improvements, the District strives to create more natural creeks in western Alameda County. Information about just a few of the District’s creek restoration projects is included here.