Zones 3A, 5, and 6

The Flood Control District is a proud participant in the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project. Work has begun to transform 5,500 acres of salt ponds at Eden Landing, along the Hayward shoreline.

The salt ponds will be removed by deconstructing the dikes and levees that separated the ponds from San Francisco Bay. As the levees are removed, tidal marsh wetlands will be created to provide wildlife and bird habitat, as well as improved flood control along Alameda Creek and Old Alameda Creek.

With the salt pond levees removed, there is no flood protection for the Hayward shoreline and communities from bay tidal action and possible storm surge flooding. Therefore, the District is planning the design and construction of a new “inboard” earthen leveeapproximately 6.5 miles long—between the newly formed salt marshes and the developed areas of Hayward.

With the new levee and restored tidal marshes, the Hayward shoreline will be better protected from rising water levels caused by global warming. The salt marshes will also act as a buffer between bay water and the shore to lessen the possible impact of storm surge by allowing water to dissipate throughout the marshes.