The District is in a unique position to make a significant investment in our community’s future by improving the county’s flood control infrastructure. Our capital improvement program is focused specifically on planning, designing, and constructing projects that will enhance the economic and social well-being of our citizens.

The projects have been identified as necessary by the community, and by District staff through studies, inspections, and maintenance evaluations.

The capital improvement program includes a seven-year plan that is reviewed, revised, and updated annually. It reflects new projects and initiatives; funding availability; project priorities; and changes in project scope, cost, and schedule.

The duration of each capital project depends on its size and complexity. Typically, smaller projects can be delivered within a year, while larger, more complex projects may take several years from conception to construction. Over the course of any project, the scope, site conditions, funding sources, permit conditions, and other factors may vary. Therefore, the schedule and costs of the projects included in the capital improvement plan are subject to revision, especially for projects planned years in advance.