Keep Alameda County Waterways Clean!

When it rains, contaminants on the ground get washed into the Bay and other waterways.  Contaminated runoff affects fish and other aquatic features. Common contaminants include motor oil, garden and lawn fertilizers, pesticides, lightbulbs containing mercury, plastic, and animal waste. All of these can be carried by rain and water runoff into storm drains, which drain into the San Francisco Bay.  Through the Clean Water Program, the District has partnered with 76 other regional agencies who are all working together to improve and protect the water quality of the Bay Area’s creeks. If you are interested in attending one of our volunteer events or helping out in your area, please see our volunteer activities!  


Proper disposal of trash, debris, and chemicals can make a huge impact on keeping Bay Area creeks clean. Learn more about what you can recycle and where to take your used motor oil, paints, pesticides, cleaning products, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, leftover or expired medicines, and more. 

Alameda County Sustainability Recycling and Waste Reduction 

Alameda County Recycling Guide 

Alameda County Hazardous Waste 

Recycle Used Motor Oil 

Recycle Batteries, Fluorescent Lamps, and Electronics 

Safe Disposal of Unwanted Medicines 

Pharmaceutical Drop-Off 

More Sustainability Tips 


Cleanup Day Events

Many groups and organizations sponsor clean-up and restoration days to help beautify our creeks and coasts.   It’s a great way to meet other community members and to take ownership of where you eat, drink, and live. See below for upcoming events. We hope to see you there! 

California Coastal Cleanup Day 

San Francisco Bay Area Earth Day 

Save the Bay Events