The District’s “Zone 6, Line C” is an earthen channel in Fremont that serves as a conduit for stormwater. Along both sides of Line C is an earthen levee to protect against flooding. Line C runs parallel to (and west of) I-80 just north of the Alameda/Santa Clara county line.

As part of a levee evaluation process mandated by FEMA, the District stabilized roughly 3,000 feet of the Line C levee’s base in 2009. The levee’s height was raised by one to three feet (depending on location), and an additional 2,000 feet of new floodwall was built, expanding the total length of the levee to 5,000 feet.

Once the projects are complete and the levees are certified by FEMA, businesses protected by the levee in commercial and industrial areas will no longer need to carry costly flood insurance.

In summer, only a small amount of water flows through the Line C channel, which made it an ideal time to stabilize and heighten the levee along the channel banks, Fremont.
A reinforced floodwall along Line C (shown here under construction), built in 2009, protects I-80, residences, and businesses in the area from flooding, Fremont.