Over time, salt water from San Francisco Bay can wear down and corrode steel rebar in concrete structures. In 2007, a 30-foot-long section of a concrete channel floodwall along San Leandro Creek (Line P) collapsed. Salt water had slowly seeped through construction joints and corroded the steel.

The District designed a long-term solution that included the use of epoxy-coated reinforcing bars to resist corrosion. Construction of the floodwall was completed in fall 2009. It is part of a larger project along San Leandro Creek between 98th Street and I-880 at the Oakland/San Leandro border that will improve the flow-carrying capacity of the channel.

Water from the San Leandro Creek (Line P) flood channel was rerouted to another channel upstream when supplies were delivered for construction of a new 30-foot floodwall built in 2009, Oakland