Be Prepared! Keep Your Family Safe in a Flood

Although flooding is rare in Alameda County, here are some ideas to help you and your family develop an emergency plan:

  • Share contact information (home, business, school, day care) with your family and neighbor(s). Be sure your kids know who to call and how to dial 911 for emergency help. Also keep a designated contact out of state who can be reached by members of your family.
  • Plan ahead: Where will you meet if you are separated? Do you have someone to stay with if you need to leave your home? What will you do with your pet?
  • Pack an emergency kit, and make sure every family member knows where it is located. Keep supplies in airtight or waterproof bags. Keep a portable radio or a hand-crank radio; an emergency supply of essential medicine, eyeglasses, or other vital support aids; and cash, food, and batteries. If you need to leave, will you take important documents or valuables? If you have to evacuate, follow the instructions you are given. Tune your radio to KCBS, 740 AM, for emergency instructions. If you cannot leave your home in a flood, move to the highest floor/level possible. Take dry warm clothes, flashlights, a radio, a cell phone, a whistle—and your emergency kit.
  • Do not walk, drive, or swim through flooded areas. They may be deeper than they appear and hold dangerous debris that you cannot see. Swift currents may develop quickly.
  • Wait for rescuers to come to you.

For a more detailed plan, please review Have a Plan.

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