There is no shortage of beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area and the East Bay is no exception! The East Bay is home to some of the most beautiful parks, streams, and views in the Bay Area. The District owns and maintains properties and facilities throughout the East Bay that are open to the public for recreation and enjoyment. The District partners with the East Bay Regional Park District, city governments, and community groups to ensure that parks, lakes, and trails are well managed and maintained. 

The District values relationships with contractors, outside vendors, and skilled professionals from various fields. The District wants to work with businesses in the community and encourages their participation and collaboration.  

Keep Alameda County Waterways Clean!

When it rains, any contaminants that are on the ground can get washed into storm drains, which flow into the Bay and other waterways. Common contaminants include motor oil, garden and lawn fertilizers, pesticides, lightbulbs containing mercury, plastic, and animal waste. It is up to everyone in the community to help prevent these types of contaminants from getting washed into our waterways!Through the Clean Water Program, the District has partnered with 76 other regional agencies who are all working together to improve and protect the water quality of Bay Area creeks.If you are interested in attending one of our volunteer events or helping out in your area, please see our volunteer activities.

Thanks to our many local groups and volunteer opportunities, there are plenty of different ways that you can help preserve Alameda County’s natural environment. Such opportunities include the Adopt-a-Creek Program, community service projects at Tule Ponds, and the Cooperative Rain Data Collection Program. Curious to know more about our ongoing list of volunteer opportunities? Great! Find out more on our Volunteer page and always feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas for new volunteer projects. 

Our natural creeks are a valuable asset to Alameda County’s quality of life. Maintaining healthy water quality, preventing homes from flooding, and providing a habitat for plants and animals are just some of the benefits our natural creeks provide.   

Did you know that if you have a creek on or near your property, it’s your special responsibility to keep that creek healthy? Every species in the county thanks you for your efforts.  

The top priority for a healthy creek is to help prevent pollutants from entering the water or surrounding soil. To learn about ways to help mantain your creek and to comply with local creek management regulations, please see the following pages: 

Maintaining Your Creekside Property
Managing Rural Properties
Regulations and Building on Creek Property